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 Training Rule's!

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PostSubject: Training Rule's!   Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:17 am

~Rule's With training!~
When you make a character it will be better in some area's then others. But you can improve that by training in different area's of fighting! like swordsmanship, Gun handling, Sailing, H-S (Hiding/Spying)(Most used for Pirate hunter's that are more ninja like) and H-H(Hand to hand combat).

When you started to get 25 point's, And you gain More Point's in specific area's by training in that specific area. The system is located at the bottom half of this post. a maximum of 8 point's are allowed in each area. Anything below is valid for a beginner level.

~An Example~
Gun Handling:4

~Training level's and how to rank up!~
A few easy step's are used to get more point's for each specific area.

Step-1:Create A training Topic with Your Name & the Type of training
EG: Yukaito{Swordsmanship}

Step-2:Start posting in your training topic!
When you post you get a Percentage! when you reach 100% you go up a level in that ranking.
1-line post=1%
2-line Post=3%
3-line Post=5%
4-line Post=10%
5+-line Post=20% {Keep in mind that they must be FULL line's.}

Step 3:
This isn't mush of a step for trainee's. but for admins and training moderator's.
After every two page's the topic should be checked for any Spam post's.
If they ARE found the moderator will have full right's to shutdown the topic and revert the point's gain to it's original status.
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Training Rule's!
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